Blog about your experience here at Summer
Tech Camp 2013.

What did you enjoy the most?


What did you least enjoy?


How do you believe tech camp could be improved?

By Putnam County Tech Camp !


Do you currently own a computer at home?

How often to you spend playing games on it?

Do you feel now that you think differently about how you use the computer?

By Putnam County Tech Camp !


What is PSEOP?

Search Google to out what is the STEM video game challenge. Blog about your thoughts/feelings on the challenge.

Would you build a game to put in this challenge?

What kind of game would you build?

By Putnam County Tech Camp !



What was the most interesting topic discussed at camp today?
What is something you learned about video that you did not know before?

By Putnam County Tech Camp !


What is your full name?
What school do you attend?
What did you learn about creating video?
What is the most important aspect of creating a video?

By Putnam County Tech Camp !